TT Series

TT series double tube core barrels are super-thin walled barrels suitable for coring in medium and hard homogenous formations using water flush. Typically they are used for underground coring applications in mines. The TT series corebarrels are available in two metric sizes 46 and 56 mm hole diameter.

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The TT46 and TT56 are super-thin walled core barrels designed for coring in medium and hard homogenous formations using water-flush. Typically, they are used extensively for underground coring applications.

Compared to thicker-walled barrels of the same hole size, the TT series core barrels contribute to better economy by offering a lower diamond consumption and a higher rate of penetration. The barrels require relatively light feed pressure and torque, which means that they cut effectively at high rotation speeds using lightweight diamond drills.

The TT core barrels give larger core diameters in relation to the hole size than any other double tube swivel-head core barrel on the market today.

The core is quickly removed from the core- barrel as the inner tube is instantaneously disconnected from the head by means of a snap-on-coupling, without unscrewing the outer tube.

The inner and outer tubes are manufactured to our own specification from cold drawn tube of a very high tensile strength and straightness. The head is manufactured from heat treated alloy steel to ensure a long life.

The barrels can also be used with plastic “Coreliner” tubes with an undersize bit and corelifter, to obtain an instantly “packaged” core.

TT Double Tube Core Barrel
Size Designation Hole Diameter(mm) Core Diameter(mm) Head Connection(box)
TT-46 46.3 35.3 42mm
TT-56 56.3 45.2 50mm