We supply three types of wrench: Stillson Wrenche, Chain Wrenches and Full-circle Wrenches.


Stillson Wrenches are available as fixed-jaw or replaceable jaw types. The fixed-jaw wrench has 3 load bearing components: handle, hook jaws and adjusting nut. All three are made from steel, the handle is drop-forged and the jaws and adjusting nut hardened and tempered.
The replaceable-jaw type is a heavier duty wrench as used in the oil and gas industry. The frame and handle are a one-piece ductile iron casting. It is very much stronger than the fixed jaw type and guaranteed against breakage. Size for size it has a larger pipe capacity.

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Chain Wrenches are provided with jaws from hardened and tempered drop-forged steel. Only the front set of teeth bear on the pipe and when these become worm the jaws can be reversed, doubling the life of the tool. The handles are tubular steel attached to solid ductile iron castings. Spare chains, bushes and securing bolts are available.

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Full-circle Wrenches are designed for the joining and the breaking of the joints of thin-walled bits, core barrels and casing tubes to minimise the risk of damage. The jaws are knurled and case-hardened internally for a good grip. Available for all core barrel and casing sizes 46-146 mm O.D. One pair of wrenches is needed for breaking and joining threads.